About us

Founded in 2006, as a software consultancy called codebyts, our holistic approach to software development and solution delivery, led us to deliver some of the most intuitive software solutions to some of the largest organizations in the world. Our approach ended up in delivering not only great value to our clients' customers but also efficiency, savings and improvements to our clients themselves. As a result of our approach, we were involved more and more in our clients' day to day operations and re-branded in 2016 to become a management consultancy firm.

In addition to our consultancy business, our passion for technology and software combined with our management consultancy expertise helped us develop the world's first end-to-end business systems software solution developed in collaboration with The W. Edwards Deming InstituteĀ®. This is a unique tool that provides value and improvement to many organizations around the world every day and allows you to lead your organization as a system.

As a result of our passion for the health and wellbeing of people, a highly unique approach to management consultancy, we created LivenUpp, a website focused on wellbeing, resilience and health in today's digital world, and its accompanying psychological tool, PEBL.

What we do

We help people, teams and organizations innovate, disrupt and improve to become the leaders. We help our clients become adaptive and learning institutions in the true sense. We work with organizations of every size and improve their processes, digitally transform them to deliver more value to their customers.

We also spend a huge chunk of our own resources to research and development - in technology and in management theories. We work with the world's leading minds on projects and research from improvement methods to positive psychology and make the workplace a positive work environment where value happens and everybody is having absolute joy in what they do.

How we do it

We work top-down, bottom-up and from with-in to understand your culture in order to instill the mindsets necessary for innovation and disruption. We help organization on building their systems, designing new or improving existing processes, through consulting, advisory, coaching, training and mentoring. We never apply one-size-fits-all solutions. Our solutions, training and coaching is customized and unique to your organization.

Innovation, disruption and continual improvement leading to true organizational agility is what you will get when you work with Acquate.

Work with us

Join other organizations and make your people, teams and organization future proof.